Scholarship Opportunities

The Idaho Medical Association's Medical Education Scholarship Trust (MEST) has been absorbed by the IMA's new 501(c)3 non-profit foundation. This will allow for MEST's goals to be broadened to:

  • Support Idaho medical education and residency training through individual scholarships and organizational contributions
  • Support loan repayment and other activities to recruit and encourage physicians to practice in Idaho
  • Support and provide resources for practicing physicians to improve the quality and accessibility of healthcare for Idaho patients

At this time no scholarship applications are being accepted. Check back for more information on the Idaho Medical Association Foundation.

Other scholarship opportunities:

  • AMA Foundation Scholarships
  • FastWeb offers a free, searchable scholarship database — a very comprehensive and accurate compilation of national, community, and college-specific scholarships available anywhere.

Other Scholarship Search Databases:

Compiled by, this website lists and describes a wide variety of scholarship search websites.

Don't forget, a great place to start looking for scholarships is right in medical schools' financial aid offices. Be sure to ask about scholarships that individual medical schools offer locally.