Physician Vitality Program

In October, the Idaho Medical Association (IMA) announced the expansion of a membership benefit that was previously only available to Ada County Medical Society members. The Physician Vitality Program (PVP) offers confidential, affordable, and easily accessible mental health support tailored for Idaho's physicians. It is now available to all medical licensed professionals (physicians, PAs, NPs) who are members of the IMA wherever they practice. PVP was created by Ada County Medical Society in 2016 to address the growing needs of those facing the epidemic of physician burnout, as well as other occupational and personal stressors.

The program provides five confidential appointments at no cost, with a strong emphasis on maintaining the privacy of individuals seeking help. While many clinicians have access to Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) through their insurance plans, they often hesitate to use them due to genuine or perceived confidentiality concerns. ACMS created its own panel of clinically licensed mental health professionals available throughout Idaho and via telehealth and chose those with a reputation for serving medical clinicians. It is suitable for those seeking help for depression, grief, relationship and work challenges, imposter syndrome, and other issues commonly faced by those who practice medicine.

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