Medical Students

What an exciting time to be in medicine! With all of the current innovations in diagnosis, imaging and treatment, we are more advanced now than we ever have been and the future is sure to bring continued growth and progress!

The political and legal environment that determines how we will practice medicine is also developing and changing. It is essential that we stay abreast of these changes so that we can provide for ourselves and our patients in the years to come. It’s a lot to think about on top of our regular studies and obligations, but the Idaho Medical Association can help do just that.

The IMA is a professional organization whose purpose is to “promote the science and art of medicine, the protection of the public health, and the enhancement of the medical profession in the State of Idaho.” The IMA promotes student awareness and involvement. Spreading understanding of the political and health policy changes that are occurring in the state (which is an indicator of the national atmosphere) are a priority. Providing an opportunity for interaction and debate pertaining to these issues among students is another IMA objective.

Our goal for the IMA website is that it will become a central point of contact for all medical students nationwide with ties to Idaho. It has been designed to serve as a place to obtain information regarding medical education in Idaho, membership benefits, contacts for residency programs, externships, and loan repayment. Interesting links to other sites are also included. Because it is a work in progress, we welcome your additions, changes and suggestions for improvement.

Thank you for your support and feel free to contact me with any questions.
Brandon Denney, MS-4

IMA Medical Student Representative
University of Utah School of Medicine