Membership Benefits and Services

The IMA offers members a wide range of benefits and services including:

Professional Involvement and Commitment: The IMA offers members the opportunity to join with colleagues to address professional issues and challenges on local, state, and national levels.

Legislative Representation: The IMA provides state legislative and governmental liaison and monitors state and federal legislation affecting medicine. The IMA has input with state agencies, including the Department of Health and Welfare, and negotiates for Medicaid program improvements. The IMA closely monitors federal legislation affecting medicine by working with the AMA's Washington, DC, office. The IMA works directly with the Idaho Congressional Delegation on important issues and maintains a key contact system to facilitate open communication and support from the medical profession. IMPAC is the political action arm of the IMA, governed by a Board of Directors comprised of physicians from throughout the state.
Reimbursement Assistance: The IMA employs two reimbursement specialists who work with physicians and their staffs to enhance reimbursement by providing training and ongoing consultation on billing and coding. The IMA also works with all third party payers on behalf of physicians.
Audit Consultation: The IMA provides immediate consultative assistance to members involved in audits by Medicare and other insurers, assisting physicians and their legal counsel in preparing appropriate responses to audit findings.

Physician Advocacy: The IMA represents physician interests on many statewide committees as well as various ad hoc committees and task forces organized within government. By action of the House of Delegates, the IMA fosters meaningful physician input regarding healthcare issues at all levels of government.

Access To Care: The IMA takes a lead role on state committees, task forces, and coalitions seeking solutions for Idaho's uninsured and promoting access for the medically indigent. At the same time, the IMA addresses problems that impede access such as low reimbursement and uncompensated care.

Health Insurance Contract Review: IMA legal counsel provides free contract review for members considering participation in managed care networks. This valuable service reveals legal problems for physicians who are considering signing contracts written by insurance companies or managed care organizations.

Public Relations: The IMA's strong public relations program works with statewide and local media to address healthcare issues from the physician's perspective. The program enhances the image of the practicing physician and reinforces a positive perception of the medical profession in the public eye.

Physicians' Recovery Network (PRN): The IMA PRN offers assistance in the identification and treatment of physician impairment due to alcohol/drug abuse and mental illness and acts as an advocate for recovering physicians. Click here for detailed additional information about the Physicians' Recovery Network.

Publications: The IMA publishes a number of timely, informative publications:

  • IMAges, a monthly newsletter containing news of general physician interest and reimbursement and coding information
  • IMA Wire, a monthly e-newsletter providing IMA members with timely updates and news
  • Directory of Idaho Physicians is published annually
  • IMA legislative reports, a newsletter published regularly throughout each Legislative Session
  • Special Alerts

Seminars and Workshops: The IMA offers many seminars and workshops to assist physicians and office staff with coding and practice administration. Current offerings include:

  • IMA Education Series Teleconferences and Webinars
  • Online Coding Seminars - Presented by Brown Consulting Associates

The IMA is responsive to physician requests for coding education and regularly adds new seminars and workshops to the Association’s educational program.

Insurance Programs: The IMA sponsors various insurance plans:

  • Life Insurance (Individual and Group)
  • Disability Insurance (including Individual Special Disability Income and Group Disability)
  • To take advantage of this member benefit contact Kevin Baker and Max Wilson at Physicians Nationwide, 208-947-5244.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee: The IMA is accredited by the ACCME (a national accrediting organization) and, in turn, accredits ten local CME providers throughout the state. The IMA, through the CME Committee, provides information and advice for organizations seeking to provide AMA/PRA Category I credit programs for physicians. The Committee also functions as an educational resource for organizations wishing to improve the quality and scope of their educational offerings.

DocBookMD: The IMA and MIEC are pleased to offer members access to this unique smartphone application that has revolutionized a physician’s ability to practice medicine and communicate with colleagues. Additional information is available here.

IMA Financial Services: IMAFS provides much-needed services for IMA members including: free financial checkups for long-term financial health and inexpensive and academically-sound asset management services using no-load, low-expense funds with strong track records. To take advantage of this member benefit contact Martin Watkins, CFP at (208) 336-9066 or toll-free 1-866-789-5633.

Staff Assistance for Medical and Specialty Societies: The IMA provides staff assistance to local societies and specialty societies upon request. Services include administrative support, meeting notices, meeting arrangements, and accounting.

For more information on any IMA member service or benefit, please call the Association at (208) 344-7888 or e-mail IMA Member Services at