IMA Membership

The Idaho Medical Association upholds the highest standards of professionalism through its strict membership eligibility requirements. To become an active member of the IMA, an actively practicing physician must be elected to a component society by meeting these requirements:

  • Hold a degree of Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy issued by an institution of learning recognized by the Board of Medicine of the State of Idaho.
  • Hold an unrevoked, unsuspended, and unlimited license to practice medicine and surgery issued by the Board of Medicine of the State of Idaho.
  • Be of good moral and professional character and not support, nor practice, nor claim to practice, any exclusive or sectarian system of medicine.
  • Subscribe to the Principles of Medical Ethics of the Idaho Medical Association and recognize the authorized officers of the component society and the Association as the proper authority to interpret any doubtful points of ethics.

Please call the IMA at (208) 344-7888 or e-mail for specific qualifications for categories of membership other than Active (Associate, Affiliate, Assistant, Courtesy, Retired).