Become A Delegate

If you choose to be a Delegate, your commitment is to attend the all-day meeting on Friday, October 7th, and then again for the half-day meeting on Sunday, October 9th.

On Friday, resolutions brought to IMA staff by your fellow members are presented to the group. Delegates read the language of each resolution and listen to fellow delegates voice support or opposition of the resolutions.

 A “reference committee” hears the voiced support or opposition and meets Friday afternoon after all resolutions have been presented to compile their recommendations to adopt or refer the resolution. They also help amend the language of each resolution based on comments made during discussion if the resolution doesn’t quite convey the feelings of the House.

Then, on Sunday, a report of the reference committee recommendations is presented to delegates and delegates have the chance to support or oppose the updated language or recommend amendments they would like to see. Delegates then vote to adopt or not adopt the resolution as IMA policy or the resolution is referred to the Board of Trustees. IMA staff then work throughout the remainder of the year and the following year to implement the policy change or advocate for legislative change based on the resolution language.

Saturday October 8th on the other hand is more of a relaxed day at Annual Meeting. You may attend some CME sessions in the morning and then we have a medical school update in the early afternoon as well as a FREE family bowling! In the evening, there is the President’s Dinner to celebrate the IMA Foundation Medical Student and Resident Award recipients and the current IMA President, Dr. Steven Kohtz.  If you would like to take Saturday off to do other things, that is also an option. Although, we love it when attendees participate in the fun activities we have planned.

We would be happy to help explain more if you have any questions. Attending this meeting is a GREAT way to have your voice heard about important issues you feel passionately about or challenges you face. It is also an excellent opportunity to network with your fellow IMA members from around the state. 

Feel free to reach out to Tracie at for anything you need.