2021 IMA House of Delegates Meeting Materials

Readers of this material are reminded that it refers only to items to be considered by the IMA House of Delegates. No action has been taken on anything herein contained, and it is informational only. Only those items that have been acted on by the House can be considered official. 

2021 Meeting Packet of Resolutions

2021 Meeting Packet of Reports

2021 Reference Committee Report

Virtual Reference Committee

Although the virtual HOD meeting will take place on Oct. 1, most of the input and testimony will be submitted in the weeks prior. On Sept. 1, the House of Delegates (HOD) packet was posted on the IMA website above. ALL IMA members will have until Sept. 23 to review the proposed reports and resolutions and provide comments via the Virtual Reference Committee (VRC) process. VRC is an online tool that allows IMA delegates and members to provide written testimony and comments regarding all proposed resolutions and reports. As with the in-person process, individuals can voice their support, opposition and suggestions for amendments for each proposal. After the VRC comment period closes, no further input or testimony will be considered via the VRC process. Click here to participate in the VRC process

The finalized Reference Committee Report will be posted here on the IMA website the week of Sept. 27 and emailed to all delegates. Because each Reference Committee Report recommendation will be voted on during the official HOD meeting on Oct. 1, delegates are strongly urged to review this report in advance of the video meeting. Should any delegate wish to suggest an amendment to an item in the report, a written Amendment Form must be submitted. Amendments must be submitted by Sept. 30.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to take part in the HOD process, please take note of the guidance and procedures outlined below and pay close attention to deadline reminders from the IMA in the coming weeks.