Call for Resolutions

We urge you to submit your society’s resolutions to the IMA office as soon as possible to ensure their inclusion in the first web posting of the House of Delegates materials. The deadline for first posting inclusion is August 20, 2021, please submit resolutions to

If you need assistance drafting a resolution, please contact IMA staff and we will make every effort to format and finalize these resolutions for inclusion in the first posting. 

When drafting resolutions for submission, please give close attention to the following:
The title of the resolution should appropriately reflect the action for which it calls.
Information contained in the resolution should be checked for accuracy.
The “Resolved” clauses should be able to stand alone since the House adopts only the final “Resolved” clauses and the “Whereas” statements do not appear in the final record.
Fiscal notes should be added when appropriate and should set forth the estimated cost, if any, of the policy, program, or action proposed by the resolution.

Please use this resolution formatting template when writing your resolution. 

IMA staff can assist sponsors with the development of fiscal information, but requests of this nature should be forwarded in advance of the deadline for submission.