About the IMA

Membership/Structure Profile

The Idaho Medical Association has over 3,500 members, all Idaho medical professionals who meet the Association's stringent membership requirements. Predominant membership is comprised of over 2,000 actively practicing physicians, including residents, with the balance of members comprised of retired physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and medical students.

The IMA's physician members represent 181 medical and surgical specialties. A high percentage of IMA members are board certified by their specialty accreditation organizations. Many IMA members have multiple specialties and board certifications.

The IMA is comprised of seven Trustee Districts and 14 component medical societies. Representatives of each component society comprise the IMA House of Delegates, which meets once a year at the IMA Annual Meeting.

The IMA is governed by policies adopted by the House of Delegates and the IMA Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is composed of representatives of the seven Trustee Districts and the Association's elected officers. IMA member committees work throughout the year to research and articulate medical issues to be acted upon by the House of Delegates and/or Board of Trustees.